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Rare 461 low milage 250GD Pick-up TD+A/C (SOLD)

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Year: 1993

Description: Now here is one seriously rare 461 G-Class !!!

It's already rare to find a G-class single cab, let alone with extremely low milage !!!

* The 5-cylinder 250GD engine is mildly upgraded to Turbo Diesel by installing a new Turbo kit, and a bigger mechanical pump.
This makes a huge difference in power compared to the Original configuration.

* drop down gates on 3 sides

* locking differentials ( mechanically and operated from the inside) on both axels

* rear window slides open

* extra low gearing and off course 4- wheel drive

* new A/C system with Original Mercedes compressor bracket

* handles a higher pay load as your normal G-class

* with it's factory extended 3.12 meter wheelbase, we inforced frame and wider front and rear axels. No other G-class has these features !

* extremely low milage of 38k Kilometers = 24k miles !!!

It's certainly a very rare find indeed !

Will be sold with clean and clear Utah title.

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