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Construction year: 1

Description: * 4-door LWB (463), 1991 300GE, 6-cylinder gas, automatic, silver/ black leather, A/C, sunroof, electric windows/ mirrors, power steering/ brakes, "Professional" -style roof rack and ladder.

* 2-door SWB 300GE (463), year 10/93, black leather, suroof, A/C, 6-cylinder gas, automatic, electric windows/ mirrors, leather seats, power steering/ brakes

* 2-door SWB 1990 300GD (463), 6-cylinder turbo diesel with intercooler OM 606 ! automatic, 5-speed, sunroof, green metalic, black/brown leather interior, heated seats, electric windows/mirrors, sliding rear windows

* 2-door SWB (461) 10/93 military 290GD, 5-cylinder turbo diesel ! 5-speed with overdrive, A/C, 4 single seats, snorkel, roof rack with ladder, off road tires, power steering/brakes

* 2-door pick-up (461) 250GD turbo diesel ! 5-speed overdrive transmission, white/black interior, drop down gates on 3 sites, roof rack above the cab, lockers front and rear, spare tire/ gas can behind the cab, 3.12 meter wheelbase ! A/C, power steering/brakes

* 2-door (461) LWB 290GD turbo diesel ! 5-speed overdrive transmission, military flat green, green interior, 4 single seats, snorkel, A/C ! off road tires, power steering/brakes

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