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290GD SWB Turbo Diesel + A/C ! (SOLD)

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1993

Description: Solid and low milage 1993 290GD SWB, we added the rear singe seats since they are not stock in this type of vehicle.

We also upgraded the Original engine to Turbo Diesel and off course maintained the mechanical pump, so no electronics !

A brand new A/C kit was installed using the Original Mercedes compressor bracket, also we added the roofrack, Professional-style ladder, bigger off road tires, and the Professional-style snorkel !

The mileage is: 117993 kilometers = 73733 miles.

You know the quality of a Mercedes-Benz, combine that with the low milage and you end up with a "drive it for the rest of my life" vehicle.!

Will be sold including clean and clear UT title.

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