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Upcoming mint pick-up 290GD Turbo Diesel

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1983

Description: Please note: this is an example picture, of a vehicle that was already sold, but we are now restoring a black ├índ a white singel cab pick-up to mint condition !          290GD Turbo Diesel pick-up.

A high level, nut and bolt restauration of a rustfree vehicle:

* zink/ powder coated frame
* 290GD Turbo Diesel with intercooler and mechanical pump
* 5-speed overdrive transmission
* A/C
* raised and upgraded suspension
* all new black interior
* professional-style snorkel and professional-style roof rack
* modern sound system with bluetooth
* 255-85-16 off road Toyo tires
* bigger plastic diesel tank
* U.S. 2" tow hitch       It's going to be a beauty !

Price: $





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