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Turbo Diesel 5-speed WOLF 250GD !! (SOLD)

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Year: 1992

Description: This is not your "standard" 250GD convertible with the non-turbo and 4-speed with "Krieggang" ...
Oh ... no... this one we upgraded to TURBO DIESEL and a 5-SPEED Overdrive Transmission !!
An immense improvement in performance and driveability, and an absolute hugh difference to a stock one !!

* A super solid low milage body and frame
* Wax treated all it's life
* Locking differentional front and rear
* 4 Single seats with seatbelts
* Super nice convertible top
* Wooden cargo floor
* Power steering
* Power brakes
* Upgraded cooling system/ waterpump
* Snorkel
* Etc. etc.
When you drive this one you don't want a stock 250 anymore !!

A rare opportunity to acquire a 250GD convertible with TURBO DIESEL and 5-SPEED Overdrive Transmission !

Will be sold with clean and clear Utah title.

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