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SWB 5-speed 290GD Turbo Diesel + A/C !! (SOLD)

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1995

Description: A rock solid and low milage 461 290GD upgraded to Turbo Diesel and 5-speed overdrive transmission.

* Mechanical diesel pump and no electronics !
* New A/C system
* 4 Single seats and 2 jumpseats
* Mercedes tall Professional-style snorkel
* Toyo MT tires
* Upgraded cooling system, with bigger radiator and water pump
* All new fluids and filters
* Repaint inside- and out
* Steel roof rack and ladder, gas cans are included

Make no mistake, this is a bone dry, low milage and Turbo Diesel 5-speed upgraded vehicle and aficionada's know that's a rare pick !
Ready for a new proud (second) owner !

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