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Rare and upgraded pick-up ! (SOLD)

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Year: 1996

Description: A rare opportunity indeed !

With not many units build, the singel cab is a scarce breed !

This one is even more unique with it's upgraded 3L 6-cylinder Turbo Diesel ( normally a non-turbo 2.9/ 5-cyl.) automatic transmission and A.C.

A GPS speedometer gives you the exact speed.

With "no electronics", a mechanical diesel pump, a 6-cylinder high torque Turbo Diesel, locking differentials front and rear, high and low range 4-wheel drive, power steering- and brakes, A/C, and most of all ... it's all Mercedes !

The single cab G-class is a totally different vehicle as your regular G-class, with a higher payload, reinforced and wider axels, longer wheelbase as a 4-door, extended frame, mounting brackets on the frame.

* Extra long wheelbase 3.12m ( regular 4-door is 2.85m !)
* Extra wide axels
* Extra high payload ( heavy duty axels !)
* 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel ( +- 170Hp)
* Automatic 4-speed transmission
* Locking differential front and rear
* Power brakes- and steering
* A/C
* Zinc- and powder coated frame and axels

Will come with clean and clear UT title.

A video will follow soon...

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