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Upgraded Wolf TD (SOLD)

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1986

Description: Yes ... we have another one !
No ... it's not your typical non-turbo 4-speed!
But... highly upgraded to a:
* 2.9 liter 5-cylinder Turbo Diesel
* inter cooler
* 5-speed overdrive transmission
* A/C

A super clean and solid Wolf with a perfect top, 4- single seats, wooden cargo floor, fold down front window, 5 Toyo MT tires, 16" steel rims, 2" US-style tow hitch, snorkel with custom air filter, locking differential front an rear, power steering , power brakes etc.

We also upgraded the cooling system with a bigger waterpump and a bigger aluminum radiator for higher capacity and more cooling.

Off course "NO ELECTRONICS" , and a mechanical pump !
... What's not to like !

Will come with clean and clear UT title.

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