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Rare Wolf on "steroids" OM606

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Year: 1986

Description: Yes people, this one has muscles !

A Wolf in dream configuration ! ... It's NOT your typical slow non-turbo, 4-speed and high Rpm ring and pinion....

Oh......No..... this one has a 225HP OM606 ! , 5-speed overdrive transmission and 4.9 ring and pinion and A/C !!

Ones you drove this baby, you will not be able to find pleasure in a "stock" one !

We used a mechaniacl diesel pump for the engine, so no electronics, the cooling system is upgraded with a bigger water pump and aluminum radiator, off course it's a Turbo Diesel with intercooler ! And biodiesel friendly !
Original steel rims ( the best), 255/85/16 Toyo MT tires ( and yes, this car dóes have the power to turn these bigger wheels! )

We added the two rear seats ( with seatbelts) and the two jump seats.
A super nice original top, fold down front windscreen with those special wipers that flip away !

In closing:
This Wolf is not a wannabee in orange or yellow with diamond stitch interior and wheels so big it will kill your engine, NO, this is the real deal people are dreaming of, especially when they already own one !

Will come with clean and clear UT title.

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