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Rugged 250GD Turbo Diesel (SOLD)

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1991

Description: This well preserved, solid and super reliable 250GD upgraded by us to Turbo Diesel with more capasity cooling system, new and bigger radiator, waterpump etc.

It's an all mechanical diesel pump so "no electronics" !

Locking differentional front and rear,
an extra "crawl" gearing on your transmission for unbeatable off-road capabilities.

A totally different driving experiance compared to the original condition based on the Turbo upgrade !

All fluids and filters are up to date so you can start to enjoy this road and off-road capable vehicle !

This Turbo Diesel is an excellent example to get into the Mercedes G-class hype !

Will come with clean and clear Utah title.This vehicle is also bio-diesel friendly !

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