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Year: 1990

Description: Finding one is rare, finding one in this condition is almost impossible !
A super solid, well maintained and low milage vehicle.
Some history:
The "Luftlande" ( paratrooper) version was designed to be dropped from a cargo plane for quick special operations. They have dedicated hooks on the sides for parachute use and are reinforced for stability, so this version is very different from the "standard" 250 Wolf.
So, it's a very special and only build in low numbers vehicle !
We upgraded the original low milage 2.5 liter engine to Turbo Diesel.
Installed a new diesel pump to feed the Turbo needs, and we installed a new A/C system. ( not yet present at the time the pictures were made).
We added the rear seats and the jump seats since it came without.
Mechanicaly checked, new Toyo tires, etc.
The Turbo upgrade makes a huge difference to the original non Turbo, it now drives more smoothly, a lot more Hp and you are now able to use a bigger tire size !
An opportunity not to be missed.
A good G-class is not being impacted by inflation, on the contrary, prices only go up !

It's soon available since still in transit.
Will come with clean and clear UT title.

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