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Restored and upgraded 4-door TD !!

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Year: 1982

Description: Yes ... this one has power, speed and personality !
What makes our work so unique ... it's that we can build vehicles using parts to upgrade from the same manufacturer as the vehicle !
We don't have to put a Chevy/ Cummins engine or aftermarket drivetrain, since it's all available from Mercedes, you only have to find the right match ! , and when you do ... you will end up with a nicely balanced, reliable and powerful vehicle !

This is not a " wannabee " with big wheels !

What was done and what does it feature:

The whole body was repainted in slate grey, we changed the ring-and pinion to 4.9 for lower rpm, and higher speeds, the frame was sandblasted, zinkcoated and powdercoated, new bushings installed, powdercoated front and rear axels, including small parts, overhould brake system, installed a 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive, installed a 6-cylinder ( approximately 175 Hp) , OM603, 3.5L Turbo Diesel with mechanical pump, so no electronics, a new AC- system with 2 fans, Mercedes Professional-style roof rack, ladder and snorkel, 255x85x16 Toyo MT tires, a 2" tow hitch, all new original Mercedes fender flares , bumper ends and trim, front and rear locking differential, upgraded cooling system with aluminum radiator and bigger water pump, bigger plastic fuel tank, all original light- and indicator guards, custom redesigned original air filter to accomodate the Turbo, standard power steering and brakes, and so much more.

Summary and some details:
* sandblasted, zinkcoated and powdercoated frame
* body in slate grey
* most drive train components including axels, zink and powdercoated
* plastic bigger fuel tank ( original Mercedes 463)
* 4.9 ring and pinion ( front and rear axel)
* locking differential front and rear
* original Mercedes: fender flares, snorkel, body trim, bumper end caps, professional-style mirrors, light- and
indicator guards, all door handles and ignition including matching key.
* professional-style roof rack and ladder
* 3.5L Turbo Diesel OM603 with mechanical pump, about 175 hp.
* 5-speed overdrive transmission
* jump seats
* power steering and brakes
* airconditioning
* 2" tow hitch
* custom ( original ) airfilter ( to accommodate the Turbo but still use the original filters)
* Toyo 255x85x16 MT tires ( matching spare)
* 16" aluminum rims ( matching spare)

A "slate grey" all time classic, with great driveability and simply stunning in appearance.!

Will come with clean and clear Utah title.

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