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Honest rocksolid 290 Turbo Diesel

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1995

Description: Are you looking for a multiple repainted, 600k miles, rundown and fixed up vehicle in a fancy color? ..... than this is NOT your vehicle !

BUT, if you are looking for a honest, solid, low milage one ... keep on reading !!

We upgraded this solid 1995 well preserved type 461 290GD to Turbo Diesel, using a non-electronic mechanical diesel pump to boost this engine to approximately 135hp, and maited to a 5-speed overdrive transmission ( for a nice low Rpm, and a good freeway cruising speed.)
We also installed a brand new A/C system to keep you fresh and cool during hot summer drives !
Unnecessary to mention that this low milage vehicle shows a super solid frame and a super mechanical condition.
We went through all fluids and filters, maintained the brakes, installed new ( bigger) tires ( only possible with the Turbo) we also installed the 2 rear seats with seatbelts.
A plastic 96L (almost 28 gallon) fuel tank.
You can drive this vehicle on bio diesel and your range is enormous since these engines are super fuel efficient !

The Turbo engine gives this vehicle so much more power and it drives completely different as a non Turbo !
These are the type of vehicles that you can enjoy for decades and proudly pass it on to your kids to enjoy !
So in closing, a super honest straight forward and nicely upgraded vehicle, they are getting rare !

A solid vehicle is a solid investment !

Will come with clean and clear Utah title.

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