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One-off Custom Build 4-door Pick-Up !!

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Year: 1983

Description: A custom made One-off 4 door pick up !!!

A regular 4-door was turned into this custom made 4-door pick-up by extending the frame, for a longer wheel base, and crafting in a Mercedes single cab pick-up rear wall into the body and by using all Mercedes parts to create the custom bed.

We also upgraded the complete drive train, by using an OM606 intercooler Turbo Diesel engine with mechanical diesel pump, so “ no electronics “ boosting around 225HP, a 5-speed overdrive transmission and we wanted to lower Rpm even more, by using the 4.9 ring and pinion in the front and rear axels.

All new polyurethane bushings, the frame and attached parts are sandblasted, zink coated- and powder coated, and we even did that with the front- and rear axel, which also feature the locking differentials on both axels.

A new A/C system has been installed, and new Mercedes checkered cloth material was used on the interior.
Original green tinted windows all around, and a custom made military style whinch bumper scanned and laser cut, was crafted for this one-off build, including a body and spring lift and so much more …

A One-off Custom Build 4-door pick-up opportunity !
* Only Original Mercedes sheet metal was used
* Custom extended zink- and powdercoated frame in the Original Mercedes color
* OM606 Turbo Diesel 6-cylinder with intercooler, mechanical pump and no electronics !
* 5-Speed overdrive heavy duty Mercedes Transmission
* All polyurithane bushings throughout the frame and suspension
* 4.9 ring and pinion
* Front and rear axel completely overhould and zink/ powdercoated
* Mechanical locking differential front and rear
* All new A/C system with two fans
* Plastic high volume diesel tank
* Hutchinsons beadlock aluminum rims
* Toyo off road MT tires
* Original Mercedes cloth interior
* Biodiesel friendly !

Will be sold with clean and clear Utah title.

One-off Custom Build 4-door Pick-Up !! … a rare opportunity indeed !

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