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Impressive 463 Diesel 5-speed ! ... SOLD (SOLD)

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Year: 1990


This impressive nice white 463, started life in 1990, and that is also the first year of the 463 model.

Engine wise equiped with a 6-cylinder diesel, hooked up to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

As you probably know, electronics on the first 463 model, was still kept to a minimum, so you know you won't get stuck in the desert with a mail functioning sensor !

It's a 2-Owner car of which the first Owner was Mercedes itself !

With only 164.000 KM ( 100.000 miles) you can say, it survived it's over 25 year life very well !

Maintenance was up to date, and it runs and drives very, very smooth.

The interior is in a superb condition, nicely preserved, so again ... a Lucky, Lucky car indeed !!!

A look underneith, shows a nicely preserved frame and floor, clean axels, and there is even an Original towhitch.

This is a very nice 463 SWB and still in the stock condition as it left the essembly line.!!!

Available mid December in Utah.

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