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6-cylinder turbo diesel ! (SOLD)

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Year: 1983


This very lovely 460 SWB was picked up in beautiful Spain, where it was used as a " holiday-home " car !

Being used in a warm climate means ..... NO RUST !

The 6-cylinder turbo diesel automatic, was implanted years ago, and since then many trips were made through Spain and even to the Northern part of Afrika.

It's a very pleasant car to drive, with some after market front seats, to make the ride even more comfortable, and still features the Original rear bench.

Even equiped with electric windows, power steering and a good working radio to keep you company on those long trips to come !

Also added was a plastic fuel tank that oviously does NOT rust, and holds more fuel !

And I just want to mention it again: RUSTFREE,  and a 6- CYLINDER TURBO DIESEL !

You can come and get it by mid December in Utah...

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