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280GE in need of some TLC (SOLD)

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Year: 1982

Description: We picked this one up after years in dry storage, parked in a nice garage and not used for more then 4 years, this car is in an extremely solid condition, just look at the fender wells and all the spots where they rust so easily. 

The interior is completely stock and even the floormats are not torn, and super nice ! 

It's still equiped with an LPG instalation, so you could drive it on LPG and gas, and you can select with the litle switch on top of the dash. 

We sell this car as a fixer upper since we didn't try to start it, because you should first drain the tank, put new spark plugs + cables, oit, filters, etc. 

We did crank it a few times, just to be sure the engine was not seized! 

The brakes are not seized and the car can be easily pushed. 

This is an easy project, with a super solid base and nice interior! ... Who is going to revive it?

Available in Cedar City, UT and it comes with a clean and clear Utah title.

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