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Turbo Diesel 4-door with A/C ! (SOLD)

G-Mercedes LLC

Year: 1989


A super nice upgraded Turbo Diesel 4-door in silver metalic. The vehicle is located at our base in Southern Utah, and off course it comes with a clean and clear UT title !

Make no mistake     this is not the way these vehicles left the factory, since usually they are non turbo, smaller engine, no 5-speed, and no A/C !

The engine is an upgraded and super low milage 290GD Turbo Diesel engine with mechanical pump, ( so no electronics) , a slightly bigger Turbo, and an upgraded cooling system, and intercooler !

* 5-speed overdrive transmission
* 290GD Turbo Diesel engine with mechanical pump
* A/C
* Intercooler
* Professional snorkel
* 4 Single seats
* Locker front and rear
* Rare Mercedes-Benz ( Asteroth) rims 16".
* New BF Goodrich tires
* Stainless steel exhaust

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